Yes, dogs can be washed and it’s totally fine to spoil them with some care.

The regular cleansing of fur and skin also counts towards active health maintenance of your dog. Our shower and bathing tablet is not a shampoo but a completely new care product for skin and fur which was developed with a unique 3-fold active formula, inspired by Japanese natural hot springs:



Citric Acid

We do not use any kind of foaming agents, synthetic cleaning substances, parabens or alcohol. We also consistently refrain from perfume additives and colouring substances. This is the best for the sensitive dog nose while making a stress-free, gentle, deep cleansing possible.

It’s certainly much more pleasant when the bathroom is not flooded after showering the dog and it’s the dog that has been showered, not the owner.

In addition, Animal Care DOGS neutralises unpleasant odours. Currently the cows are still in the stable but soon back on the meadows. How enjoyable is it for most dogs to roll in the mud or take a bath in an irresistibly muddy puddle?

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