Who hasn’t experienced it, the hair keeps falling and can’t even be stopped with regular brushing of the dog. The hoover is running permanently.

Dogs naturally change their fur twice per year, influenced by seasonal changes such as light and temperature. At these occasions the hair loss is exceptionally high. Obviously this can’t be prevented, however, we can support a shining and healthy fur growth through certain food additions. Opinions about this are varying and also dependent on different breeds, which is why we would like to recommend to individually consult your vet.
Generally, we recommend: Brushing, brushing, brushing. The old fur needs to be brushed out in order for the new one to come through, ideally on a daily basis. No worries, most dogs love this type of fur care as they also receive some enjoyable cuddles at the same time.

Some of our Animal Care DOGS fans got in touch and mentioned that their dogs significantly scratch less after being showered with our tablet. The change of coat seems to be more bearable for the dog. As our tablet does not contain any foaming agents, dyes, synthetic cleansing agents, parabens, perfumes or surfactants, the dog can be cleaned stress-free without damaging the natural protection mechanism of the skin. You can care for the dog’s skin and fur and consequently its general health, easily from home.
Simply give it a try and let us know your thoughts.