kaworu w cherry blossom

Some time ago an email from Japan by Akemi reached us by saying that her 7 years old Papillon dog KAWORU is nowerdays only bathing with OnZen Animal Care. Both are so happy with it that Akemi just wanted to let us share her experience :

In the past Kaworu was used to get washed in a grooming salon in Tokyo. Strange was that Kaworu scratched his body immediately after every visit to the dog hair dresser which is surely a no-go for both and did not at all fit to the originally expectation.  So, they tested our tabs and even after the very first bath – as you know they are consequently parfum-free and odourless – this negative phenomene disappeared.  Another fantatistic add-on : Kaworu can enjoy his bath easily at home :



Last but not least : Kaworus fur looks silky and glossy. Both are very often asked during their walks in lovely Japanese gardens in this direction.  Well, a pity that we cannot accompany them :)))

Thank  you very much Akemi and Kaworu .